Forward - A Mentorship Platform

Web Development

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Forward is a platform that helps local tech industry professionals and new-comers build communities and connections with each other.


  • Tech Stack — HTML5, SCSS, PHP
  • Total Time — 18 hours


The hackathon theme was 'job security'. Searching for jobs is hard, especially as a newcomer to the industry. There's fear, isolation, anxiety, financial stress, and overwhelm when job applications aren't answered.

The industry is saturated, and imposter syndrome makes it hard for folks to take the next step.


Let's tackle that isolation and fear when searching for a job with mentors. Mentorship bridges the gap between seasoned industry professionals and newcomers by creating a bond and feelings of solidarity.

A mentorship platform that is specifically local to Vancouver will allow mentors, mentees, and peers to connect on a deeper level, as everyone is local.

The Team

The team consist of all first-time hackers in our 4th term of BCIT's New Media program.

  • Rikki Soriano - full stack developer & graphic design
  • Kayla Tran - UI/UX designer
  • Karina Song - full stack developer & copywriting
  • Dave Koo - full stack developer & project documentation
  • Marlowe Cheng - front end developer & copywriting


Karina and I started out with creating all the base files and folders that would hold partials, pages, styles, and scripts. I organized the sass folder and broke it down into different folders that would hold several partials for styles.

For me, the next 24-hours consisted of writing the HTML5 and SCSS based on wireframes and mockups; cleaning up my own code so others could work on them; and creating components that could be reused.


This was such a great opportunity to learn and grow even though there was a huge time-crunch. The team really bonded, and we all got to experience working within a development team.

Everyone communicated and took initiative for each part of the project. Within 24 hours, we've only had 2 or 3 merge conflicts in git, which was amazing.

Check out Forward, its GitHub repository, and the project showcase video!

Thanks for reading through the end! I really appreciate your interest in my projects. :)

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