About me, Marlowe!

Hi, I’m Marlowe (they/them) an aspiring web developer and graphic designer currently attending BCIT.

I am inspired by nature, drag, my cultural background, and the works of Studio Ghibli. I also enjoy the aesthetics of cyberpunk, cute anime, and early 2000s website and graphics.

Outside of school work, my designs tends to lean into the chaotic vibes that could be encapsulated with this quote: “I was born with the gift of hands and I’m going to make it everyone else’s problem”.

Marlowe smiling with their hands framing their face


Bringing my skills back into my community and giving back via support and advocacy.


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Community incredibly important to me as a person with multiple intersections. Being in community brings solidarity, safety, and comfort. Creating these kinds of safe spaces is a passion of mine.

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A drive to continuously learn, try new things, explore new ideas, and consider other possibilities. I love to learn new things, and picking up many new skills to put into my metaphorical backpack of knowledge.

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Lightheartedness and fun goes a long way when building relationships and even tackling challenges. It’s great in appropriate situations and requires a sensible balance between seriousness and humour.

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Personal accountability means setting myself up for success, and taking responsibility for my own mistakes and oversights. This also means being open to critiques and feedback without defensiveness and deflection.

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